Alumi-Guard Aluminum Railing

Alumi-Guard Aluminum Railing

Alumi-Guard Aluminum Railing is built with beauty and strength in mind. Available in a variety of heights, railing can be used to designate a perimeter or as protection from fall hazards. Railing can be installed using a number of methods. Below, the diagram details surface mount, fascia mount and embedded mount.

Aluminum Railing Mounting Methods

The Alumi-Guard Guardrail System has been designed to meet or exceed the 2009 International Builders Code (IBC) and the 2009 International Residential Code. As always, it is recommended that the contractor install in compliance with local codes.


Safetech Viper Gate Latch

The Viper Gate Latch is a fantastic choice when security and reliability are important.

Lockable and operable from either side, the Viper Latch does away with the need for a padlock. Featuring two gravity latch “fangs”, the gate latch offers superior strength and security. Constructed of non-rusting polymers, aluminum and stainless steel, the Viper Latch is a fantastic choice for many gate styles and materials.

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