5 Items to Consider Before Purchasing Your New Fence


Deciding on the purpose of your new fence will help guide your decision on design and material choice. Are you concerned about adding beauty to your property or is security more important? Are you trying to keep your pet safely in your yard or do you want to delineate a property line?


Do you want your fence to add a particular feeling to your property? Deer fencing or ornamental aluminum fencing can preserve your view while providing a barrier.  Board on board redwood fences can provide privacy and beauty while a horizontal board fence can add a modern feel.


Material selection can greatly affect the longevity, required maintenance and cost of the fence. Ornamental iron or chain link fencing are useful when security is of great importance, while a wooden picket fence can add a classic feeling to a home.


Different materials require varying levels of maintenance. Aluminum does not rust while iron fencing will require maintenance. Wood fencing may require staining every 3-5 years, while vinyl fencing can he hosed off as required.


Are you looking for the least expensive option, or a long term solution? Wood fencing is typically the least expensive option while materials such as vinyl or composite materials may be more expensive.


If you are considering a new fence, we recommend consulting a trusted local fencing company.