TriLatch - SafeTech - SL-50-TRI

by: SafeTech

  • Top push-pull design
  • Adjustment: Vertical & Horizontal
  • Materials: Non-rusting: polymers, aluminum, stainless steel
  • Waste-level lock
  • Alignment pips make installation simple
  • Keys: Provided
  • Color: Black
  • Item # NQ-2HRU-S4WQ

The Ultimate Solution for Pool Safety

Conventional swimming pool gates may comply with regulations that place the latch release mechanism at least 5 feet  high. But, kids are clever. They’ll figure out how to use a rake or other simple tools to lift the latch knob and allow the gate to open. What makes the TriLatch system special is that two actions must be performed at the same time. First the red release button must be pressed in the center of the knob, and after that the knob has to be lifted in order to gain entry. This simply can’t be done with a garden tool, toy or other long object.

Most pool accidents are preventable.  In the United States, swimming pool accidents are a leading cause of accidental death among children aged 1-5. To help prevent incidents, many local and state agencies require that a pool be surrounded by a fence equip with a self closing and self latching gate. (See Pool Fence & Gate Hardware)

The Safetech Tri pool gate latch has a magnetic, self-latching system. It also features a waist-level lock which allows for ease of locking or unlocking while the elevated top pull design helps prevent children from accessing the pool area.

The pool fence latch is adjustable horizontally and vertically, and allows for durable and reliable security for a wide variety of gate configurations including vinyl, iron, and aluminum fencing. 

Trusted by fence and gate installation professionals, the Tri-latch is manufactured from stainless steel and fiber-reinforced polymers.  The latch is coated with E-coated and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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