Old Fashioned Heavy Duty Hinges (Pair) - 12"

by: Snug Cottage Hardware

  • Traditional Design Combined with Exceptional Strength
  • Ideal for Gates, Barns, Garages, Garden Sheds, and Carriage Houses
  • Forged Heavy Duty Straps with Cast Iron Cups
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Finish
  • Black polyester powder coat finish
  • Operates from both sides
  • Supplied with black stainless steel fasteners (Carriage Bolts NOT Included)
  • Color: Black
  • Sold as a pair
  • Item # 8292-12SP

The Difference!
Manufactured with old world design and quality, the Black Polyester Powder Coat is over hot dipped galvanized steel.  The coating is not over bare metal or a far inferior electroplate finish like many products in the market.

What Size Hinges to Use
The rule of thumb for determining the size to use is the band should be about one quarter to one third the width of the gate or door. If the gate or door is over six feet high then a third hinge should be utilized (one hinge for every three feet of height).

Hinges require that a carriage bolt (preferred) or a lag bolt be utilized on each hinge as shown in the examples displayed on this page. These are not included as the length required will vary with the installation. The use of a hot dipped galvanized bolts or lags is recommended. We suggest finishing the tops with our touch up paint or black spray paint.

Installation Instructions

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