TRIDENT-20 Pool Gate Latch

by: Nationwide

  • 20" TRIDENT™ Safety Pool Latch has a significant amount of play or Vertical tolerance. This helps to avoid problems with sagging gates, and allows for simple installation.
  • The SAFE-NOTCH® feature on the 20" TRIDENT™ Pool Latch engages if someone steps or climbs on the gate, further ensuring your gate will stay closed.
  • The TRIDENT™ pool latch has a feature that allows the gate to be closed even if the key cylinder is locked when the gate is opened.
  • Markings on the keeper make it easy to see the maximum amount of gap width.
  • An enhanced knob design and angled key hole allows easy access.
  • The TRIDENT™ Pool Latch has strong magnetic closing power with easy installation, rust-resistant components, and a sophisticated modern Patented design.
  • Item # TRIDENT20-BK

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