Why Redwood - An Excerpt from

The California Redwood Organization put together a list of reasons to choose redwood.  For more information, please visit their website at

Abundant, renewable and energy-efficient, redwood is clearly the environmental choice.
But it’s a beautiful choice for so many reasons:

  • Redwood delivers natural beauty and durability
  • Redwood maintains its natural beauty and structural integrity with easy maintenance
  • Redwood stays cool and steady under-foot all summer long
  • Redwood has a natural resistance to shrinking, warping and checking
  • Redwood decking stores more carbon than is emitted over its entire life cycle
  • A redwood deck can be restored repeatedly with minimal effort and cost
  • The warmth and rich luxury of genuine redwood is not only affordable, but adds great value to your home
  • Overall, redwood decking offers significant environmental advantages over plastic composite decking
  • Redwood decking meets California’s strict fire codes

Redwood Deck

Reviving a Wood Fence

After a few short years, the average wood fence starts to discolor, turn silver, dark grey and eventually dark brown.

From pressure washing to applying soaps and washes, there are a number of ways to bring life back to your fence. By reviving your fence, you will bring brightness and curb appeal to your home.

In this example, we choose to pressure wash the fence and then apply a tinted stain and sealer made by preserva-wood.

Steps to reviving your fence:

  1. Pressure wash the fence.
    1. Start by pressure washing in a small non-descript area.
    2. Make sure not to get too close. You want to remove just the outermost layer. You do not want to damage the fence boards.
    3. We find that the best result when we pressure wash up and down the entire length of the board.
  2. Let the fence dry
    1. This may occur the same day or a few days later depending on the temperature and humidity.
  3. Apply a fence stain. In this example, we used a fence stain with a slight red tint.
    1. The stain was applied using a pump sprayer, and brushed on next to the house.

Visiting a Lumber Mill

As part of our commitment to our customers, we make it a point to visit vendors and lumber mills. During our visit, we review the quality of the products, the basic business operations and the sustainability of the process and end product. On Wednesday, we were lucky enough to enjoy great weather and a tour of a lumber mill. We walked the lumber yard and watched as logs were cut into a variety of dimensions.

During our visit, we spoke with the mill operators and the lumber graders about the products we purchase. The staff was receptive to our questions and feedback and also made suggestions on product improvements. As part of our ongoing commitment, we are confident in the quality and sustainability of the lumber products we bring to our customers.

Classic Fence Co. - Lumber Mill